Vietnam photo adventure – The rice growing season

Rice growing season Vietnam photography tourThe Northwest of Vietnam is home to breathtaking landscapes. A place of cone-like mountains, blue rivers, postcard valleys and bucolic villages. These are among most striking in the whole country, if not all Southeast Asia. Furthermore, for many hundred years, the minority people have build up along mountains and hill sides an incredible work: The ascending rice terraces. This “artwork” has earned awards for many photographers in different photography competitions. And for that reason, we’ve built up a Vietnam photo adventure to take you there. We aim for May, the time when water fills up every step of the giant rice terraces. And we will photograph Northwest of Vietnam in one of the 02 most photogenic times of the year.

Vietnam photo adventure – The shooting sites

We start this photography tour in Vietnam at the beginning of a rice reason, when water fills up every step of the ascending rice terraces. Bunches of local are uprooting the seedlings, then carry them to the fields. There, some others are walking behind their buffaloes to plough the muddy ground. Although each farmer has her or his own field, they tend to work together from one’s field to the next one’s. So many photogenic activities are happening, promising great shots on this Vietnam photo adventure of ours.

Photography in Mu Cang Chai

Our Vietnam photo adventure this time starts in Mu Cang Chai – Vietnam’s National Treasure for the sublime beauty of rice terraces. In 2017, CNN featured Mu Cang Chai’s beauty on CNN’s 90 great images around the world. You can’t complete your travel photography in Vietnam without taking a Vietnam photo adventure to Mu Cang Chai. This place is home to some 50,000 and 90% of the population are the H’mong people. It’s the H’mong who are the artists behind these incredibly vertical rice fields.

Photography in Tu Le

Tu Le, 50 km from Mu Cang Chai, is a famous rice hub of Vietnam. All Vietnamese love the sticky rice from Tu Le. In terms of photography, Tu Le offers a striking valley, a vast one with massive patches of rice terraces. While in Tu Le, we will be staying in one of the local home-stays and the terraces are everywhere around us. We won’t be missing catching the site at sunrise and sunset.

Tan Uyen tea plantation photographyPhotography in Tan Uyen

Tan Uyen is among the largest tea growing regions of northern Vietnam. Such a photogenic place that our Vietnam photo adventure won’t miss exploring.

The tea plantations are grown everywhere in Tan Uyen: Near the main road, on the mountains or hillsides. Almost every day, the tea farmers go to the plantation to pick up tea leaves twice: Morning and afternoon. And it is truly iconic to have photographs of these workers in action. As they tend to be wearing the Vietnamese traditional conical hat. Just imagine a worker who stands among lines of tea, and the backdrop is the misty mountain. It’s so surreal, isn’t it.

Join us on this Vietnam photo adventure to the iconic Northwest of Vietnam in our quest for great shots! While this tour’s departure is fixed, if you’d wish to make this a private tour for you or your family, you’re more than welcome to send us an email to and let us know. Thank you.

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June 07 - 11
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Highlights of our Vietnam photo adventure

The rice growing season - Itinerary & additional information

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