The pottery village of Phu Lang

Lying on the bank of the peaceful Song Cau river, Phu Lang is among a number of pottery villages in Vietnam whose craft history has spanned for centuries. Here, almost each and every household is a pottery workshop, where the hands or artisans have shaped and molded the beautiful products to supply for the Vietnamese homes. 

On our Phu Lang photography tour, we will be strolling along the village narrow alleys, drop by various households and while talking with the warm-hearted locals to learn more about their lives, we’ll capture the different moments of works and bring up the story of a traditional craft village of Vietnam. Whether you’re a seasoned photographer seeking new artistic inspiration or a passionate enthusiast eager to delve into the heart of a Vietnamese traditional village, this tour promises an unforgettable experience that will leave you with shots to keep for good.

Phu Lang pottery village photo tour summary
Tour duration
5.5 hours
Tour route
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Level of difficulty
Tour cost
148 USD/person (min. 02 persons)
Group size
Maximum 06
Private car

Phu Lang pottery village photo tour itinerary

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