Pu Luong – Heaven of photography

Once known purely as one of the biggest Nature Preserves of Vietnam, Pu Luong covers an area of more than 17,000 hectares, with rain forest, a variety of fauna and flora. A region where life is peaceful, quiet, and probably backward, in the mind of most Vietnamese. It was about 135 km from Hanoi, but no one was able to tell you how long it took to get there.

Until recently, when roads leading to Pu Luong were paved on the once dirt tracks, did people realize it’s not only a Nature Preserve. Pu Luong is a hidden gem and a heaven for photography at some certain times of the year.

Pu Luong has some of the most dramatic landscape, firstly because it’s surrounded by high limestone, cloud-shrouded peaks, which then shelters primitive rain forest. Nestled in quiet valleys are small villages of the local Thai and Muong minorities, who live in their simple houses on stilts. It’s these local people, who have contributed to the romance that Pu Luong has to offer. Along hillsides and down in verdant valleys, the rice terraces cascade, forming a truly photogenic backdrop. Due to its high elevation, the whole scene is often covered by clouds, making it photography worth-while, especially at sunrise and sunset.

Adding to the unspoiled atmosphere, on our epic Pu Luong photography tour, we will be accommodated by a local Thai houses on stilts, which perch on raised platform. After all, why not seeing how life is, out of the photo hunting times, and get to enjoy the local tastes at meals.

Although this photography tour can be done within 2 days, you are more than welcome to extend your stay, to gain maximum time for photography at different weathers. Join us on this photographic journey and capture the sublime scenery and beauty of life at Pu Luong.

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Tour duration
2 days
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Maximum 06
Private van

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