Soy sauce village of Ban Yen Nhan

Soy sauce plays an important role in Vietnamese cuisine and it is a must-have flavor for many Vietnamese dishes. And when it comes to this, probably nowhere else in Vietnam can soya sauce be generated with such high quality and rich flavor as in Ban Yen Nhan village, Hung Yen province. The tradition has been passed down from generation to generation and still continues to thrive these days. From Ban village, soy sauce makes way to all families throughout Vietnam and it’s not hard to find it in a supermarket in any other country where there are the Vietnamese. 

Ban Yen Nhan soy sauce is made using soybeans, salt, and water, which are combined and fermented to create a flavorful liquid that is rich in taste and aroma. The soy sauce is produced using a careful and controlled process that ensures the best possible quality and flavor. The villagers take great pride in their product, and they are passionate about sharing their craft with visitors.

Photographing the earth jars used to produce soy sauce in Ban Yen Nhan village can be an incredibly interesting and rewarding experience for photographers. The jars are not just functional vessels for producing soy sauce, but they are also beautiful and unique objects that offer a glimpse into the local culture and heritage.

Ban village photo tour summary

Tour duration
4.5 hours
Trip route
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Level of difficulty
Tour cost
202 USD/person (Grp. of 01)
128 USD/person (Grp. of 02)
118 USD/person (Grp. of 03)
108 USD/person (Grp. of 04)
Group size
Maximum 06
Private car/van

The photo tour itinerary

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