From the mountain to the sea

A complete photography tour of northern Vietnam, encompassing the beauty of the mountains and the fishing villages of the sea, all take place within 05 days.

Pu Luong

Pu Luong is a photography gem, a little paradise surrounded by Karst formations. Pu Luong is a region encompassing one of the country’s best Nature preserves covering more than 17,000 hectares with a great variety of fauna and flora. Dotting in the evergreen color of the Nature Preserve are villages of the minority groups like the Thai and the Muong. Over the course of time, they have created along the hillside or down in valleys a great system of terraced fields for farming. Lying at high altitude, the landscapes can be extremely imposing with shrouded clouds throughout the day, especially during sunrise and sunset.

Unlike some other regions with beautiful mountain landscape, Pu Luong is not that far to reach but it has always lied out of photographers’ radar due to poor infrastructure.  The road leading to the heart of Pu Luong was always a dirt trail, enough to discourage most of photographers’ intention to come. Recently, the road was paved and some nice lodges were built, and the locals are starting to offer their spacious living space as home-stay. And a surge of photographs taken in the region have driven a good number of photographers to come.

Pu Luong is most beautiful during the period of September – October, when the rice ripens along hillside, turning the whole region into a great golden carpet. This beauty is intensified by early day’s clouds and mist. This photography tour will take you to the region right in the middle of the harvest season to capture it all.

Nam Dinh

With a coastline of more than 3000 km, Vietnam is home to many fishing villages. Nothing beats it when it comes to photographing the fishermen at sunrise and sunset, when either they are fishing by the seaside or simply sit by the beach, trading their catch. Most of fishing villages in Vietnam are still doing it the simple way, fishing by small boats and fishing net.

And you won’t have to travel too far, 2-hour from Hanoi will get you to Nam Dinh, a region with extremely photogenic scenes along the beach. Early in the morning, you can see fisherman pulling huge fishing net by the seaside, or walking on stilts to scoop for fish by the seaside. Later in the afternoon, as the sun spray gossamer lights on the sea, local fisherman get to the water to dig clam in the sand. Their activities are reflected by the water, with the sun making the back drop. A truly photogenic experience. You will also photograph the great Salt farm of Nam Dinh, where different processes of making salt are on display. Some of the award-winning photos were taken here.

Join us on this Vietnam photography tour: From the mountain to the sea, and capture the beauty that Vietnam has to offer to your camera.

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Oct 20 - 26 (7 days)
Local homestay or motel
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06 (max)
Private van (with driver. All fuel included)

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