From the mountain to the sea

Momentlives – photography tours Vietnam introduce a complete photographic journey in northern Vietnam. This 05-day tour brings you to the iconic beauty of northern Vietnam. Firstly, we will be traveling to Pu Luong – a Nature Reserve. Pu Luong has just been opened up to tourism after a long sleepy time of poorer infrastructure. This is home to dreamy landscape of mountains, rice fields and lovely little minority villages nestling in palm trees. Secondly, we will be making our way to the traditional fishing villages by the coast. There, we will get to photograph the Vietnamese fishermen who are catching fish in their traditional way. Join us on this special photography journey to photograph the iconic beauty of northern Vietnam.

Pu Luong – gem of photography

Photography tours Vietnam

Pu Luong, for photography tours Vietnam, is a gem. This little and lesser-known paradise is surrounded by Karst formations. Geographically isolated, it is one of the country’s riches nature reserves, with more than 17,000 hectares of diverse bio-system. Lying at high altitude, the landscapes are spectacular with shrouded clouds. And in the evergreen of forests, there nestled villages of the minority groups, such as the Thai and the Muong. Over the years, they have created along the hillside and valleys a great system of terraced rice fields. In a short past, groups of Vietnamese local photographers would come to seek their best shots of rice fields, farmers and Karst formations. But the place remained untouched to foreign travelers due to its lack of infrastructure until the the past. And now, things have advanced and photographers can look for a variety of accommodation, from home-stay to comfortable lodges.

Pu Luong – the photography perspective

A day of photography in Pu Luong starts early. As the sun makes way out of the shrouded summits, the valley of golden rice begins to brighten up. The locals then head to the rice fields for work. Photo opportunities come, with the farmers, the rice terraces, the misty mountain. The silky morning light enriches the content of every photo you take. After breakfast and morning coffee, we continue to venture out in the field, looking for more close-up shots. Also we will have the opportunity to walk in one of the pretty hamlets of the local Thai or Muong. There, you can mingle with the minority people and capture their fiercely traditional lifestyle. As the afternoon sun eases, our photography tour in Pu Luong goes on. We will scout the breathtaking valley for more photogenic scenes. There, we aim to better our photography skill by playing with different camera settings. At the end of the day, be sure that you have accumulated those best shots of Pu Luong’s landscape and people.

A great thing of doing photography in Pu Luong is the opportunity to play with lines, color, and lights. You don’t have to walk much to see the charming curves of the rice terraces. At the same time, sunrise and sunsets in the mountains lights up the shrouded clouds hovering on top of the pinnacles. This all will help the shots to be more surreal.

In the sense of photography, Pu Luong is most beautiful during the period of September – October, when the rice ripens along hillside, covering the region with a blazing yellow carpet. This photography to Pu Luong will let you capture it all.

Nam Dinh – The photogenic traditional fishing villages

Nam Dinh fishing communityVietnam’s coastline stretches for over 3000 km and fishing provides a source of income for millions. As a result, there are hundreds of fishing villages, where people fish in traditional ways. This time Momentlives – photography tours Vietnam will be taking you to some of the most photogenic communities by the coast of Nam Dinh. And this is only 2.5 hour drive from Hanoi.

Nam Dinh – The photography perspective

Nam Dinh fishing activities

A day begins before sunrise, as fishermen gather in groups by the water and on their (walking) stilts. Each carry a kind of fishing net with a chassis of 02 bamboo spikes. This tool looks like a big spoon in some way. And then they walk in the sand, back and forth to for little fish in the water. As the sky gets brighter by the gossamer sunrise light, the scene becomes extremely eye-catching. The fishing trap turns to be gigantic butterfly wings hovering above the water.

At this time, noise comes in from the water as boats approach the shore after a night out fishing. In the shivering light, the fishermen hurriedly unload the catch. Groups of people in their conical hats already stand by the shore waiting for the fresh seafood. The trading takes place fast as if all have been agreed before. The sun starts to brighten the waterfront, making the market vibrant.

Besides, a group of fishermen start to do their collective fishing. A boat circles the water front to lay a gigantic fishing net. A group of 6 – 10 people stand at each end of the net, pulling it ashore in a quiet rhythm. The process goes on, till the fish fiercely wriggle in the shallow water. Right away people come and buy. These buyers then ship the fresh catch to nearby restaurant to start the day.

Undoubtedly, each 10 passing minute brings a different photo opportunity, with different contents and in different lights. With luck, the morning photography time is super fruitful on a day of good sunrise.

Nam Dinh Salt Fields

Nam Dinh has one of the largest salt fields in northern Vietnam. And this will bring another great platform for your photography.

One of the great things of photography in a salt field, is that the light doesn’t have to be sweet. Even in harsh lights, the sky becomes purely blue. And the different square bodies of water in the salt field are so transparent. They now become mirrors refecting everything above including the workers, the skies and clouds. We will be capturing various salt making activities here.

So above all, be with Momentlives – photography tours Vietnam. Together, we will explore the iconic beauty of the mountains and the sea with our cameras.

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