From the mountain to the sea

Discover the stunning beauty of northern Vietnam with Momentlives’ 5-day photography tour. Our journey takes us to Pu Luong, a nature reserve brimming with picturesque mountains, rice fields, and charming minority villages. Recently opened to tourism, this previously hidden gem offers the perfect backdrop for breathtaking photographs. Next, we’ll explore traditional fishing villages along the coast, capturing the local fishermen at work using traditional techniques. Don’t miss out on this exclusive photography tour, a chance to capture the iconic beauty of northern Vietnam in all its glory.

Pu Luong – gem of photography

Photography tours Vietnam

Pu Luong is a hidden gem that promises an unforgettable photography experience in Vietnam. Nestled amidst stunning Karst formations, this lesser-known paradise is a nature lover’s dream. Spread over 17,000 hectares of diverse bio-system, this isolated reserve is one of Vietnam’s richest natural wonders. The high-altitude landscapes are a spectacle to behold, shrouded in misty clouds that create an ethereal ambiance. The evergreen forests are home to charming villages of ethnic minorities, including the Thai and the Muong. These communities have created a magnificent system of terraced rice fields that showcase their agricultural ingenuity. Although once frequented only by local Vietnamese photographers, the region’s infrastructure has improved, and foreign travelers can now enjoy a variety of accommodations, from cozy homestays to comfortable lodges

Pu Luong – the photography perspective

Start your day early and witness the magic of Pu Luong as the sun rises over the misty summits, illuminating the golden rice fields in the valley. Join the locals as they head to the fields for work, capturing unique photo opportunities of farmers, rice terraces, and the breathtaking mountain views. Take advantage of the soft morning light to enrich the content of your photos. After breakfast and morning coffee, continue exploring the field for close-up shots and immerse yourself in one of the pretty hamlets of the local Thai or Muong communities.

As the afternoon sun eases, scout the valley for more photogenic scenes, playing with different camera settings to enhance your photography skills. Pu Luong is at its most beautiful during September to October, when the rice ripens along the hillside, creating a blazing yellow carpet. Take advantage of this unique photography opportunity with Momentlives and capture it all – from the charming curves of the rice terraces to the surreal sunrise and sunset in the mountains. At the end of the day, be sure to have accumulated your best shots of Pu Luong’s landscape and people.

Nam Dinh fishing communityNam Dinh – The photogenic  fishing villages

Discover the traditional fishing villages along Nam Dinh’s picturesque coastline on a Vietnam travel photography tour with Momentlives. Just a 2.5-hour drive from Hanoi, witness the unique techniques of fishermen, who use walking stilts and a type of fishing net with bamboo spikes to catch their fresh seafood. As the sun rises, the scene becomes even more mesmerizing, with the nets appearing like butterfly wings hovering over the water. Boats return from a night out fishing, and the trading of fresh seafood commences, adding to the vibrant market atmosphere. With every passing minute, the ever-changing light offers new and exciting photo opportunities. Don’t miss this chance to capture the essence of Vietnam’s fishing communities.

Nam Dinh Salt Fields

This Vietnam photo tour will let you explore the stunning beauty of Nam Dinh’s largest salt field through your lens. The unique square bodies of water in the salt fields create a mesmerizing mirror-like effect, reflecting the surroundings including the sky and clouds. Even in harsh light, the sky remains a pure blue, making for a fantastic backdrop for your photography. Our photography tour will capture the salt-making activities of the workers, giving you an opportunity to document the traditional salt-making process. Don’t miss this chance to capture the iconic beauty of Vietnam’s mountains and sea with Momentlives – your go-to for Vietnam travel photography.

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