Iconic beauty of Central Vietnam

This time, our Vietnam photography tour takes you to the visual spectacle of Central Vietnam. As you explore this photogenic region with your camera, you’ll have the chance to capture the incredible shots like nowhere else in the country, while going into the communities outside the city’s walls and experience life in a completely different way. 

Our destinations this time are within the regions of Nha Trang – Phu Yen – Quy Nhon. The areas have some of the country’s densest concentrations of fishing communities. What makes it more alluring is that the sea water in central Vietnam is the most crystal clear of all. This is also the salt hub of the nation with salt fields stretching towards the horizon.

Morning at a fishing communityLocals waiting for boats to come close to shore with the night catch in central Vietnam

What makes the vibe of photography tour in central Vietnam, is the fishing communities at the start of the day, when groups of locals awaiting the boats to come with the night’s catch. As the boats draw near, excitement builds and voices rise as everyone jostles to secure the best deal on the prized catch of the day.

The iconic fishing net Fishermen pulling fishing net at the coast of central Vietnam

On our Central Vietnam photography tour, we will have good opportunities to capture the scenes of fishermen working with the photogenic fishing net. This fishing net, not only reveals how dependent life is on fishing, but also a great photography subject. With its fascinating design, the fishing net provides a plethora of creative photo compositions, while its delicate, cloud-like appearance adds a unique charm to your shots.

CoraclesA lady making coracle, used for fishing in central Vietnam.

Coracles, the unique and small round boats used by fishermen to shuttle between their fishing boats and the shore, are not just a cultural icon of fishing life in Vietnam, but also a stunning subject for photographers. These eye-catching vessels add a unique charm to the fishing villages, leaving a lasting impression on photographers. When clustered together, coracles create mesmerizing patterns on the sea water, which are an absolute delight to capture through your lens. We won’t miss a chance of adding these graceful boats on this Central Vietnam photo tour.

Photography tour to Central Vietnam and capture the scenes of locals working on their salt farmSalt fields

Central Vietnam is renowned as the largest salt producer in the country, with the expansive salt fields stretching as far as the eye can see. Thanks to its unique coastal terrain, the salt-making process is guaranteed as long as the weather permits. This tradition brings additional income to the locals and offers a paradise for photographers. The salt fields provide ample opportunities to play with lights, compositions, and reflections, while learning about the authentic way of life in Central Vietnam.

This Central Vietnam photo tour is perfect for any level of photographer, whether you’re a seasoned professional or an amateur just starting out. Momentlives photographer will provide insightful tips and guidance to help you make the most out of your photographic journey, while learning so much about the local culture and people.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to capture the beauty of central Vietnam’s coastal life with your camera.

Central Vietnam Photo Tour Summary

Tour duration
Aug 13 - 17 (05 days)
3 - 4* hotels
Trip route
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Level of difficulty
Tour cost
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Group size
06 (max)
Private van (with driver. All fuel included)

Central Vietnam photo tour itinerary & additional information

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