The Lychee Season

Only in June!

Join Momentlives and photograph the stunning visuals of Bac Giang province during its bustling lychee season. Our exclusive photo tour offers a unique opportunity to capture the iconic scenes of scooters laden with succulent lychees. Each moment is a story waiting to be told through your lens.

Every year, this region produces an astonishing 100,000 tons of lychees, creating a visually stunning spectacle as they make their journey to diferent markets. Imagine the thrill of capturing hundreds of scooters, each piled high with baskets of brightly red lychees, navigating the narrow, winding paths from lush gardens to concentration points. Here, local dealers weigh and buy the fruit, creating a flurry of activity and an authentic snapshot of Vietnamese life. This is also a great opportunity to capture the faces of Vietnam as they’re surrounded by a sea of red lychees.

Don’t miss this chance to document the heart of Vietnam’s lychee harvest unique shots.

The lychee season - Photo session summary
Tour duration
7 hours
Tour route
Contact Momentlives
Tour cost
280 USD/person (Grp. of 01)
168 USD/person (Grp. of 02)
150 USD/person (Grp. of 03 - 04)
Group size
Maximum 04
Private car

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