The Vanishing Craft of making Fish Traps

Discover the beauty and cultural significance of the vanishing craft of making fish traps in Hung Yen, Vietnam. This unique tour offers photographers the opportunity to capture the traditional techniques and intricate designs used in this disappearing trade. From the hands of skilled craftsmen, you’ll witness the creation of these masterpieces made from bamboo and other natural materials. The old house serves as the perfect backdrop for capturing images that tell the story of a once thriving industry. This tour is a must-visit for any photographer looking to preserve a piece of history and capture the essence of Vietnamese culture. Don’t miss this chance to document a craft on the brink of extinction and bring your lens to life in Hung Yen.

Fish traps in Hung Yen, Vietnam are traditionally made using bamboo and other natural materials, such as palm leaves, rattan, and reeds. The crafting process begins with selecting the right materials and cutting them to the desired length and shape. The bamboo is then split into thin strips, which are woven together to form the framework of the trap. The craftsmen then add additional materials, such as palm leaves, to create the walls of the trap. The finished product is a basket-like structure that is used to catch fish in the rivers and waterways of the region. The intricate designs and traditional techniques used to make these fish traps make them a unique and fascinating aspect of photography.

Summary of the photography experience
Tour duration
5 hours
Tour route
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Level of difficulty
Tour cost
138 USD/person (min. 02 persons)
Group size
Maximum 06
Private car

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