Thac Ba – Photography & Drone in tranquility

Are you seeking a getaway from Hanoi’s city bustle and immerse in photography of nature’s stunning landscapes? Thac Ba Lake is your ideal destination. This lake is one of the three largest man-made lakes in Vietnam, created as part of the Thac Ba hydro power plant. It’s crystal clear water spans 80km long and 30km wide, dotted with over 1,300 picturesque islands featuring buffaloes grazing and lush plants.

Thac Ba Lake is the main source of living for the locals, offering a wealth of fish and shrimp to the surrounding communities. You’ll see small fishing boats with paddles drifting along the waters, making it an ideal photo opportunity for an idyllic landscape shot.

If you’re an avid photographer, you’ll love visiting the tea plantations near Thac Ba Lake. The mountainous terrain and scenic beauty of the tea plantations will give you an opportunity to take unique photos featuring lines, textures, and the Vietnamese traditional hat and photogenic “Non” worn by the workers. We’ll have one session shooting in the tea plantations, enriching your Vietnam photo tour album.

For drone enthusiasts, this region provides vast open spaces to capture stunning scenery from above. Don’t forget to bring your drone to do videography Vietnam and the beauty of the surrounding landscape. 

Join us on our Thac Ba photography tour today to photograph the natural wonders of Vietnam!

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