Fishing villages of Nam Dinh

Vietnam fishing village photography
Vietnam fishing village scene

Vietnam fishing village photography is special part of our photography tours in Vietnam. This is because fishing  villages are always among best subjects for photography, especially travel photography. It says much about the life of a group of people, and how their every day goes by.

Vietnam fishing village photography in Nam Dinh

2-hour drive from Hanoi, the coastal regions of Nam Dinh is somehow off the beaten path on the travel map. Still, that does not conflict with a fact that Nam Dinh’s beaches are among most photogenic places in northern Vietnam. Early in the morning, hundreds of fishing boats return after a night out fishing. And while husbands are busy pulling their boats ashore, their wives take over the catch, meticulously sort out the seafood and the catch is sold right by the beach. The buyers, in turn, transport the catch to restaurants in town.

Nearby, another group of fishermen have already spread a net of several hundreds meters long to encircle a huge section of the water. Some 10 fishermen pull each end of the net. After hours, they fishing dragging the catch ashore. Then they sort out the different fish and also sell right on spot. Next to them, some fishermen are walking on stilts. Each holds 2 spikes of bamboo with a fishing net in the middle. They then scoop for little fish from the nearshore sand.

Every section of the beach can be a photography splendor in the gossamer early morning light.

In the afternoon, groups of fisherman gather by the beach to maintain their fishing boats, or sow the fishing nets. Some other fishermen are walking by the beach to dig for clams in the sand.

Vietnam fishing village photography – Nam Dinh salt fields

And if the weather is with us, then Nam Dinh is the most ideal place in northern Vietnam to photograph the salt fields. These flooded fields acts like a giant mirror under the blue sky, reflecting everything above. Local salt makers gather dunes of salt before transporting them into the storage house.

Come with us, as we take you to these truly magnificent fishing communities of Vietnam for your photography.

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