Hanoi by dawn

Hanoi photography tour at dawn, seeing a different Hanoi

Hanoi is a charming city, an ideal place for photography. It’s a place of good combination between the old and the new, the hustle and bustle of a scooter traffic and the quiet old coffee corners. By no means is it a mega city, and thus, life of the locals take place as much on the street as possible. Wander around with a camera, and you can hope to capture various aspects of life in Hanoi: An old man sitting quietly by the lake side, next to a group of elderly ladies doing laughing yoga. A street vendor pulling a cart full of flowers, slowly make way to the front of every small shop in the old quarter, hoping to sell her first bulk of the day. A road side market with as much noise in a strange language as possible.

But that’s all after dawn. Now, if you’re keen on waking up a bit earlier, you can see a very different Hanoi at dawn, with the chaos, yet alive life rhythm of Long Bien market. Walk your way to the cooler Old Quarter and see locals starting their day. Sip a cup of coffee in a quiet corner of Hanoi after all…Join us as we walk you through the morning crowd and lead you to the place where you can compose a collection of Hanoi photography in early morning.

Tour summary

Tour duration
5 hours
Level of difficulty
Tour cost
98 USD/person (min. 02 persons)
Group size
Maximum 06
Private car

Tour highlights

Long Bien market - Capturing Hanoi by dawn

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