The rice growing season

Vietnam has long been an agricultural society, and rice fields present throughout the country, from top to toe. Among these, the most breathtaking are the rice terraces, which lie to the northern part of the country.

For many hundreds of years, the local tribal people have carved into the hills and mountains a jaw-dropping scene: The rice terraces, stretching from one hillside to the next. Some people reckon this as the 8th wonder of the world.

And so, Momentlives intend to share with you this unique beauty on “The rice growing season” – a photo tour aiming to reveal this wonder to your camera lens.

We arrive at the beginning of a rice reason, when water fills up the hillsides. Bunches of local are uprooting the seedlings, carrying them to the fields, where some others are walking behind their buffaloes to plough. Although the rice terraces are privately owned, people tend to help each other out by working in a large group to accomplish one field before moving to the next. So many activities displayed before your camera, promising some great photos to depict this unique beauty of northern Vietnam.

Join us, as we bring you to photograph the wonder of this agriculture tradition!

Photo tour summary
Tour duration
June 12 - 14 (3 days)
Local homestay or motel
Trip route
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Tour cost
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Group size
06 (max)
Private van (with driver. All fuel included)

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