The iconic beauty of North-East Vietnam

North East Vietnam is among the country’s best region for travel and landscape photography. It’s home to spectacular mountain landscape, with winding mountain roads threading through valleys, limestone Karst and raging rivers. It’s where poorer infrastructure has somehow maintained life the same way it has been for many decades. And it’s where the local minorities are still dressed in their traditional costumes and attend the once-a-week markets, where they meet up, socialize and look for a lifetime partner.

The photogenic rice terraces and tea plantations

Adding to the extremely scenic landscape it’s a masterpiece of art, created by generations of farmers over the course of time: The rice terraces. For many hundreds of years, the local rice growers have shaped the mountain and hillsides into terraces to collect and keep the rain water for their crops. Twice a year, North East Vietnam changes it color completely. Around May, the water flows along hillside terraces, creating a gigantic mirror reflecting the sky above. Around September the rice turn to be yellow marking the harvest time. And these terraces turn to be huge golden lines threading along the hillsides, connecting one valley to the next with their graceful curves. Both May and September are excellent time to photograph this region of Vietnam.

Another very intriguing photography subject is the tea plantation. In cooler areas of the north-east, huge tea plantations are seen everywhere, dotted with while conical hats of the workers picking up tea leaves. With the blue, misty backdrop of mountain layers, the tea leave pickers really stand out and become extremely photogenic.

This Vietnam photography tour to the North-East will take you through some of the remote areas of the country, using lesser known routes. This whole photography adventure is extremely life enriching and rewarding. Join us to improve your photography skill while enjoy the beautiful landscape and learn about the local cultures.

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