Beauty of Mu Cang Chai rice terraces

Northern Vietnam is a truly photogenic place. The landscape is extraordinary with blue mountains, raging rivers, poetic minority communities dotting hillsides. Among the beauty, the spectacular landscape of Mu Cang Chai stands out as a masterpiece of human. An artwork created by generations of the local people. This is where the terraced rice fields are. They connect one hill top to the next, and soar into the clouds. This photo tour will bring you to the heart of Mu Cang Chai, scanning every photogenic corner of the place in a photography hunt.

What to expect on Mu Cang Chai photography tour?

There are 02 best times to photograph Mu Cang Chai, one is in May and the other is in September.

May is the “water season”, when the rainfall brings an abundant amount of water, setting the time of the new rice crop. At this time, the local would flock to the field to plough, uproot and hands-transplant the seedlings. At sunrise and sunset, the water reflects the sky above, turning itself into a giant mirror and making the whole scene extremely photogenic.

September is the rice harvest time, when the ripening rice fields turn into gigantic golden lines along hillsides, valleys, and river banks. The farmers flock to the field to harvest their crop. A stunning combination of landscape and people’s photography open to your camera. Numerous photography subjects can be looked for at different times of the day, in different lights.

Among our Vietnam photography tours, this photo tour to Mu Cang Chai is surely a highlight. This time, we will take you to photograph the fabulous landscapes and scenes of the rice harvest, in September.

Photo tour summary
Tour duration
Sep 20 - 23 (4 days)
Local home stay or hotel
Level of difficulty
Tour cost
As detailed beneath
Group size
06 (max)
Private van (with driver & all fuel included)

The highlights

Mu Cang Chai photography tour itinerary

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