Ha Giang photo tour – Escape to heaven

A place known for deep blue mountains, turquoise rivers, exotic tribal cultures, Ha Giang is a heaven for photographers’ creativity.

For a very long time, Ha Giang remained forgotten on the map of Vietnam’s travel photography, mostly due to poor infrastructure. No road, no motel, no clean bed nor hot water. And hiccups as such turn out to be ideal in keeping Ha Giang untouched from the claws of mass tourism. In the mind of most Vietnamese photographer, Ha Giang is the place with most mesmerizing mountain scenery, deep blue gorges bottomed by crystal rivers. Layers and layers of mountains keep stretching further as one makes way deeper in to this kingdom.

Ha Giang is home to a good number of minority groups, such as the Tay, Nung, Mong, Dao, each with own language and culture. All unite at the weekly markets, held somewhere along a hillside, or in a hidden valley. This type of market is where the local people meet, socialize and look for a lifetime partner, apart from exchanging cargoes as what a market is normally about. The market is among some places where you can see traditional costumes being worn, group of men speaking softly while drinking, smoke rising from mobile kitchens in the food section. All the colors, smells, sounds, scenes will charm your eyesight and hold your camera firmly, till you feel physically tired from pressing the shutter.

And there are more, much more than than. So join us for our unique photography adventure into the once-forgotten land of Ha Giang.

Photo tour summary

Tour duration
Sep 10 - 17 (07 days)
Local home stay or motel
Level of difficulty
Tour cost
Contact us sales@momentlives.com
Group size
06 (max)
Private van (with driver. All fuel included)

Photography highlights

The itinerary and necessary information

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