Tho Ha – The rice paper making village

After 1 hour drive and board a ferry across the Cau River, you’ll get to Tho Ha village, one of the best examples of an old village in northern Vietnam. The village retains the traditional architecture with a communal house, banyan trees, a small market and especially, the unique tradition of making rice papers.

The people of Tho Ha was always generating pottery products for centuries. And back in the late 80s, when Vietnam opened its door to the world, the profession showed signs of decline, probably due to competitiveness. The natural market demand headed people into doing something else: Rice papers, an integral part of Vietnamese Spring Roll.

The task takes place from very early in the morning, when the rice is ground and mixed with water. This mixture is then poured onto a hot, steamy surface and after half a minute or so, it’s cooked into a thin layer of paper-like substance, this is the early stage of rice papers, or “wet rice paper”. The wet rice paper is then hung on bamboo lattices and placed outdoor for drying. If weather permits, the process is done by around 10:00 am. The village is most photogenic in the morning, when these bamboo lattices are placed everywhere: above village roads, out in the village communal yards, or on top of houses. Walking through the village alleys under these lattices, which are brightly lit by sunlight, is truly memorable and photogenic.

Why not take half a day to join us for this photography tour out of Hanoi, to capture the traditional lifestyle of picturesque Tho Ha?

Trip summary
Tour duration
5 hours
Level of difficulty
Tour cost
115 USD/person (min 02 person)
Group size
06 (max)
Private van (with driver. All fuel included)

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