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Hanoi photo tour at dawn

Hanoi itself is a photograph of many colorful fragments. There are colonial architectures, old temples, shaded boulevards, lakes, tons of street cafes. And yes, waves of scooters vying for right of way at any given day time. Then so much more that in 2019, Hanoi appeared on TripAdvisor‘s list of 25 world’s best destinations. The streets of Hanoi and all of its activities are spectacles for photography. And a photo tour of Hanoi by dawn will be a lovely experience. As this reveals the city’s photogenic lifestyle at a time when most other travelers are still asleep. On our Hanoi photo tour at dawn, we will capture the exotic market of Long Bien and life in the Old Quarter.

Photography in Long Bien market

This is the first stage for our Hanoi photo tour at dawn. Long Bien is among the biggest markets in the city and the biggest in terms of fresh produce. Thus, from the night before, trucks line up at the market’s gate waiting to come. And inside, hundreds of stallholders, transporters and laborers are moving fast to get the supplies ready for the day. Photography provides a great opportunity to record this amazing energy. And our best photography time here starts before sunrise. Together, we will learn how to shoot in low light, study the composition, and working on the suitable camera mode for each scene.

Photography in the Old Quarter of Hanoi

The Old Quarter is the residential and business center of Hoan Kiem District, and a historic section of the city. Here, most streets start with the word “Hang”, which is “merchandise” in English. Different streets sell a different merchandise. So after Long Bien market, we will be walking the streets of the Old Quarter. We will photograph scenes of the locals starting their day. These activities vary from opening shops, arranging goods for sale, eating or having coffee on the sidewalk.

Finally, treat ourselves with a hot bow of Pho, and enjoy the famous Hanoi’s egg coffee while looking at the shots we have done this morning on our enriching Hanoi photo tour.

Tour summary

Tour duration
5 hours
Level of difficulty
Tour cost
98 USD/person (min. 02 persons)
Group size
Maximum 06
Private car

Tour highlights

Long Bien market - Capturing Hanoi by dawn

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