The colors of incense

Our Vietnam photography tour destination today is a village located 2 hour-driving from Hanoi, where the locals have long involved in making incense sticks. From there, the sticks travel to all over Vietnam, and find themselves burning on family alters, or in temples and shrines. Photographs of these sticks have been published on some famed channels, including CNN, or gain awards from Smithsonian photo contests.

The photogenic incense sticks

From early morning everyday, the incense sticks are shredded from bamboos. Then the dyeing process takes place, when a layer of red color is applied onto almost a half of the stick. The sticks are then dried out in the sun, in bundles. These bundles are arranged to look like small umbrellas in order to get as much light as possible. The sticks create a layer of deep red color on the photos. And any subject at the font, such as a worker, would stand out really well and eye-catching.

Later in the day, the sticks are collected, tied in bigger bundles before loading onto small trucks and travel to other places.

Photo tour summary
Tour duration
6 hours
Level of difficulty
Tour cost
120 USD/person (min. 02 persons)
Group size
Maximum 06
Private car

The itinerary & further

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