Thanh Hoa – photograph a traditional lifestyle

Located some 3 hours from Hanoi, Thanh Hoa boats some of north Vietnam’s most peaceful beaches, far from the reach of mass tourism. Fishing is among the main sector of local economy and thanks to this, the beaches of Thanh Hoa are among the best in northern Vietnam for photography.

From early morning, the local fishermen flock to the beach in groups. They lay a huge fishing net around the water, then each end of the net is pulled by a group of some 7 -10 people. The net gradually make way ashore, with the catch inside. The catch is then sorted and sold right by the beach. The fishermen finally divide money equally from the catch before going home, ending a morning session.

Located in a close proximity to the beaches are the rice fields, and twice per year the rice ripens, brightening the whole scene with a gold color. At harvest season, the farmers are out in the field with their sickles. This is among most popular images of Vietnam.

Travel to Thanh Hoa and photograph a traditional lifestyle!

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