Photography at tea plantations of northern Vietnam

Tea plantations are always among best places for photography, since photographers will have a great chance to work with lines, textures, composition and various subject that stand out from the deep green color of tea leaves.

Thanks to the mountains of northern Vietnam, which offer cooler climate, tea plantations are almost everywhere and they’re not far from the city of Hanoi.

Tea plants in Vietnam (must be everywhere, too) are grown in lines, allowing the workers to move in and pick up the leaves. And here you can find lines everywhere, the lead to the subjects, they go to the horizons and they bend in a melodic rhythm.

Tea plantation photography highlights

Working with patterns and compositions

One of the great things about photography in a tea plantation is the texture of the tea lines and its deep green color. This will make your subject stand out greatly, especially when the local workers are dressed in while or wear a red scarf. And tea plantations in Vietnam set themselves apart from others because of the traditional hats – non. Non is the traditional hat of the Vietnamese women and it’s everywhere, especially in the countrysides where people spend more time working outdoor. A conical hat will be the biggest evidence telling people where the photo was taken.

And it’s not just one hat, there are many of them if workers are at work. One can choose to use the hat, the contrast of colors and the lines to play with composition. This is even more interesting that tea plantations are mostly located in hilly areas, and it’s easy to locate a hill or mountains as the backdrop for your photographs, which helps to add to the photo’s richness.

It’s eventually a great place to capture the rhythm of local life.

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