Muong Hum – Photography in the land of curves

Few places in Vietnam possesses such jaw dropping mountain and rice terraces landscape as Muong Hum. A land where one photographer can simply burn his memory card for one scene, at the right light. Muong Hum is surrounded by all photogenic subjects: Waterfalls, forests, mountains and the everlasting rice terraces that open up at every turn of the winding road.

The landscape is picturesque all year round, but there are 2 times of the year that one would love to pack his camera gears for Muong Hum, it’s the time the local grow rice and the time rice is harvested. Muong Hum is surrounded by all the curves of rice terraces – an amazing hand-work of local farmers for hundreds of years. These terraces cover mountain sides, stretch across valleys and bisected by trickles of water from the mountains. In May, when the rain seasons send an abundant amount of water down, the farmers begin to grow rice. And every rice paddy becomes a giant mirror reflecting the sky above. In September, the whole regions become a gold carpet as the rice turns yellow, an indication that the harvest is about to come.

Becoming one of the few photographers in a quiet regions, surrounded by beautiful landscape and traditional lifestyle of the local, what could possibly better that?

Muong Hum photography highlights

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