Momentlives - Vietnam photo tours founders


Momentlives  – Vietnam photo tour was founded by 02 photography lovers – Hoa Duc and Mike Nguyen. Both met while studied Hospitality Management in Hanoi. Later on, the two traveled extensively throughout Vietnam and the surrounding countries our for our mutual travel photography passion. And in 2011, Momentlives obtained the license of a Vietnam photo tours company. Then, this was when our expertise on travel and photography started to take shape.

Northern Vietnam is where the landscape and cultures are most diverse. And Momentlives  – Vietnam Photo Tours combine the best to offer. The nature of our  Vietnam photo tours are:

  • For a maximum number of 06 people. This maximize the communications between us and you. Which then helps your photography creativity.
  • Well researched and studied. For instance, we ourselves keep going back and forth to many places every year to photograph. Every single location on each Vietnam photo tour is the best one of the kind for photography purpose.
  • Concentrate on landscapes and people. We take you to mesmerizing landscapes of northern Vietnam. And we venture out into communities with authentic local lifestyle.
  • Include everything. And you just have to bring along your camera and a passion for photography, to capture the uniqueness.
  • A good combination of travel and photography. Above all, a tour is a travel time, and with us, it’s a photography travel time. This is when you not only get to see the real Vietnam, but also to capture and enrich your photography level.

So get your camera and join us on one of our exciting Vietnam photo tours! We can’t wait to share our photography passion with you.


What kind photography we do

  • We take you to the most authentic site in Vietnam for your photography. We concentrate on landscape, people, life and culture.
  • We give out photography instructions, we bridge you and the local culture. We ensure you professionally capture Vietnam in a way where the beauty of our country is authentically revealed.
  • The tour allows ample time for photography, rather than dashing from one place to the next
  • Every trip come with small group size to maximize personal interaction
  • Bring along a sense of humor, and an adventure spirit!

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