Tho Ha photo tour with motorcycles

An unforgettable photographic tour with motorcycle ride through the countryside of Northern Vietnam

Trip highlights

 - Ride motorbike in Vietnam traffic

- Capture the beauty of daily life in the countryside

- Learn some photographic skills


Be picked up from your hotel, you can choose to ride the bike or have a local rider manouvering out of Hanoi traffic. We will ride though the town and the countryside of Hanoi suburb for an hour. This ride is exciting as you are a part of the traffic. Arriving in Tho Ha, we will be using the ferry to cross the Cau river to the otherside - where the village is.

Surrounded by the river and the green fields - Tho Ha is among good example of a Vietnamese village that somehow stays further from urbanization. Here, life goes on the way it has been for many years. One can see village kids playing by the communal house, under the shade of the old banyan trees, or people cycling to work in the field. The design of the village follows the Vietnamese architecture with narrow alleys winding way through the community. The unique thing that can only be found at Tho Ha is the walls of the houses. Many of them are built from...ceramic coffins (well, no corpse inside). Once people here made them for sale, till a day they decided to change their business and the remained coffins were used for this unpresidented purpose.

People of Tho Ha have then been involved in the making of rice paper - an integral part of Vietnamese famous "Nem". It becomes truly photogenic when seeing the local hanging rice paper on the bamboo lattice, and then putting these lattice racks on house roof, village alleys or any open space for drying. Under certain light, these rice papers make perfect golden patches for your photography.

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Total cost
1,970,000 VND
(87 USD)
Cost is based on a group of 02 people

- Lunch & tipping for the family host
- Scooter rental fee
- Tipping for the host family
- Ferry & admission fees


 - Anything not listed in "Inclusions"

Photographic gears
The tour is a half-day one and the location is inside a village. We then suggest:
- A camera body (02 two if you'd prefer)
- A wide angle lens and a tele one
- A tripod/monopod (not highly needed)
Motorcycle ride
You can choose to ride by yourself or you can choose to have a Vietnamese rider who does the driving with you sitting at the back enjoying the scenery. The scooter rental is included in the cost of the tour. Please kindly note that the tour cost does not cover (any) insurance including the motorcycle insurance itself.
The trip cost is based on self-riding. Should you prefer to have someone driving the vehicle for you, the additional surcharge applies.
Personal gears
- Hat/cap
- Comfortable walking shoes/sandals