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We organize photography tours in Vietnam

....we do the unique ones...!

Among the places, we take you to photograph the incredible mountain scenery, interact and capture the authentic daily life of the minorities. The unspoiled coastal regions with rustic boats and fishing nets will guarantee that all the highly photogenic places are on display.
Join us, and we will make sure you photograph our country in the most artistic way, where your creativity soars.
Who creates our tours?    
Momenlives is a local tour operator, and you are dealing directly with the service provider. Founded and operated by people that have long been involved in the art of photography and the travel industry, we understand the needs of photographers, because we are first and foremost, photographers. Our staff are passionate and spend a lot of time looking for unique scenes, amazing places and incredible faces in our quest to create the unprecedented photography tours.
Photographic leaders
No suspect the photographic leader brings a  great insight into the art of photography and how to capture the local cultures in their true spirit. Momentlives proudly present our 02 photographic leaders, either of them will be with you when you select one of our tour packages displayed on our website.

1. Chau Doan

Chau Doan came into photography from an eclectic background. He was trained in mechanical engineering and computer programming and is a qualified Karate instructor. He found his way into journalism working as a writer for the Vietnam Investment Review before turning his hand to photography full time. For the past nine years he has been working for a host of clients including the Associated Press, Reuters, the New York Times, Forbes, National Geographic, Town and Country Travel, Le Figaro, the Asian Wall Street Journal, Time magazine and Der Spiegel and Getty Images.
Chau is based in Hanoi, Vietnam.
To see photographs from Chau Doan, click www.lightrocket.com/chaudoan
2. Adam Martin
Adam Martin is an Australian that calls Saigon in Vietnam home. He has been in Asia for the best part of 13 years and has traveled extensively through the region. Adam’s understanding of travel in Asia and photography has seen him employed as a Photographic Tour Leader in places such as Japan, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia helping others create beautiful images whilst teaching the skills of the craft.

“I have stood in awe of Mt Everest from the highest monastery in the world in Tibet. I’ve been blessed by a Japanese monk, from a cauldron that has bubbled for a thousand years. I have witnessed the perfect sunrise over Angkor Wat, Cambodia, scuba dived with squadrons of Manta Rays in Indonesia, watched a fiery sunset from atop a temple in Bagan, Myanmar, I have been dwarfed by a storm rolling over the steppes of Mongolia. I’ve traipsed through jungles of Borneo looking for wild orang utans and spent time with former headhunters. And I have sat in tiny little villages on the side of the mountains in the far north of Vietnam surrounded by 4 generations of mountain farmers. I’ve stood and watched the funereal pyres burning bright on the banks of the Ganges in Varanasi, India. I have stood on top of Mt Kinabalu as the first rays of a new day projected the peak’s shadows on to the clouds. I have been down the mighty Mekong, along the Mother Ganges afloat atop the Yangtze. I've met women with black lacquered teeth, ex head hunters with tribal tattoos, people smooth and wrinkled, kids with buckets on their heads, babies holding pythons, old men holding grandsons.

And I have always had my camera with me as I follow the eternal dream of experiencing the most amazing places this planet can offer.”

To see photographs from Adam Martin, visit www.asianimages-adammartin.com
Pace of our tours

We don't walk up to a scene, take a shot and then want to jump back in to the van, we seek out perspectives, look for the right light, find interesting subjects and look for unique opportunities so, we move at a slower pace which allows you to do this. For example we might find ourselves wander in a remote village that has many opportunities to capture the local daily life. Or we might want to, from different angles or even lighting, record farmers harvesting rice on the terraced fields spilling down the sides of a mountain.
Lending a hand
A portion of your payment for a Momentlives Photography Tour is used to help children in North Vietnam. We don't want to just take pictures, we want to give in return and we do this by providing school necessities like stationary, uniforms and school supplies. 
Lending a hand - you will help make life better for our children. 
For further information please contact our office.